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About Us

Max Porter Provisions, a men’s mercantile offering everything from apothecary to apparel and general store items to unique gift ideas, is located at 206 Trenton Street in West Monroe. Partners Laurie Cochran and Cassie Livingston had a vision to open a store in the old Mojoware store that would appeal to men looking to shop for themselves or women looking for unique gift items for the men in their lives. Vintage family memorabilia and antique furniture sets the stage for Max Porter. When asked about the name of the store, Livingston said, “The store is named for my father-in-law, Max Livingston, who we lost to leukemia in 2011. It’s a tribute to our family roots – acknowledging the hard-working, veteran who devoted his life to family and country."

Max Livingston, far left in photo above.


Meet the Team




Cassie is the co-owner of Max Porter Provisions and a native of Rayville, LA. Cassie began her career as an art director of a local magazine before working in advertising sales in Austin, TX. She moved back to Louisiana and founded BayouLife Magazine in 2012. She has always had a passion for finding and giving unique gifts. A drive to open a unique men’s store in North Louisiana was realized after a long conversation and a few glasses of wine with her friend Laurie Cochran. In October 2021, Laurie and Cassie opened the store with manager, Brad Castle.


Cassie is married to Trent Livingston and they have two girls. In her spare time she gives back to the community by serving on various non-profit boards and organization. She also finds joy in watching her kids on the ball field, reading and dreaming up her next house project. 





Laurie is the co-owner of Max Porter Provisions along with Cassie Livingston. Laurie was raised in a military family, her dad was in the Marines – she grew up between the east and west coast and graduated high school in New Orleans.  She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor’s degree in English. Laurie began her career in the sports industry where she worked for the San Antonio Spurs, the Dallas Stars and the Texas Rangers. She eventually moved to Austin, TX where she started a second career in advertising working for the Austin Business Journal.

Laurie met her husband, Jess Cochran in Austin TX and when they married, they started their agency, Cochran Resources and rep carpet and rug companies from all around the world.

Laurie and Cassie began the concept of Max Porter Provisions over a happy hour. After talking to and bringing in Brad Castle as our store manager, Max Porter Provisions came to life!

In her spare time she enjoys gardening, traveling, snowboarding, kayaking – if it’s fun, she enjoys doing it.




Brad Castle was raised on the mean streets of Monroe, Louisiana. With nothing to defend him but wit, charm, and okay looks, he embraced the obscure and obsurd. While many just visit a destination, Castle just packs up and moves there. Usually without telling people, which may have been considered rude. Thus, he has seen many cool, and attractive things.

What makes a person like that tick? This dude was into skateboards, heavy music, and sick House beats. He also loves fishing, trying to still be artistic, long walks on the beach, Italian wines, and arm wrestling the Yeti of the world. He has yet to lose a match.
When he isn't toiling away at the grindstone of Max Porter Provisions, Castle spends his time with his lovely wife, Carmalita, his stepdaughter Tallula, and all of their "fantastic" pets (that he did not personally bring home, but did let them hang around). He enjoys mixing House records like an excited 19 year old, staring at his skateboards while rarely riding them, and being frustrated at his drafting table while "waiting for the magic". He does not care for yardwork, but he's good at that, too.

So that's kind of what a Brad Castle is like. There may be a few million details left out, but let's not ruin the mystique. Just accept the pieces laid out for you, and trust that you've truly found a modern day enigma when you meet him. He'll greet you with a "Whats shakin' man!?", or maybe a "was that door unlocked?", depending on exactly where you met him.

So come on in and meet the most sparkling personality on this side of the equator, and possibly below (waiting on the polls), and let him show you the future. Or, maybe killer threads and gift options. Let's stick with that.